Here is a list of locations that all OfficeKey members have access to:


Westlake Center
4555 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 650
Cincinnati, OH 45242


Scripps Center
312 Walnut Street, Suite 1600
Cincinnati, OH 45202


Rookwood Tower
3805 Edwards Road, Suite 550
Cincinnati, OH 45209


Turfway Ridge Office Park
7310 Turfway Road, Suite 550
Florence, KY 41042


Union Centre
9078 Union Centre Blvd,
Suite 350
West Chester, OH 45069


"Northern Kentucky Renovation"

We recently completed the renovation of OfficeKey’s Northern Kentucky office.  The cosmetic upgrades include new flooring throughout the space, updated furniture and artwork, new blinds on exterior windows and new privacy film on interior windows. Construction work was done to expand the kitchen area to include seating and add a privacy booth across the hall. We hope you’ll check things out in person but in the meantime here are some before and after pictures:

Entryway: New doors, new privacy film, new flooring and new artwork.

OfficeKey Northern Kentucky Updates

Conference rooms:  New furniture, larger monitors, new artwork, and new carpet.

Northern Kentucky Workspace Renovations

Kitchen:  New cabinetry, new appliances, new flooring, additional space to accommodate seating area and TV, and built-in mailboxes.

Northern Kentucky Shared Office Updates

Privacy Booth & Coat Closet:  We added an enclosed booth that can be used as needed for private calls as well as a recessed coat closet for guests.  

Turfway location Updates

We hope you will stop in to the Northern Kentucky office to see the changes in person! As always, clients can use the mobile app to reserve space at any of our locations. 




"The Five Primary Purposes of an Office"

5 Primary Purposes for an Office 2Offices today have become less about floor space for people and things, and more about accomplishing specific business objectives.  

The office used to be the place where all the “stuff” was that you needed to get your job done.  It had the fastest internet and best phone systems. All the physical files were kept there and perhaps most importantly, it was where all the people were that you needed to interact with on a daily basis.  

Today, thanks to so many advancements in technology we are no longer tethered to the office in the same way.  There are a seemingly unlimited number of tools that provide greater flexibility to our work than ever before. Theoretically, many of us can be just as productive working from vacation as we can be at the office! (the keyword there is theoretically.)

So what does this say about the purpose of the office in modern society? Offices are no longer just a means to an end, but can and should accomplish a specific objective for each business.  It can be broken down into what I believe are five core purposes that an office should serve:

  1. Professional Presence

Without reading one word of marketing content, you can look up a company’s address and learn a lot about that organization.  Are they in a nice area of town? Are they urban and trendy or suburban and traditional? Does the building they are in speak to their success or lack thereof?  Is it a home based business? If I need to meet with them are they close to me geographically?

Again, for some companies, a prestigious or trendy address doesn’t move the needle.  However, for many companies, the most essential value that an office provides is that it can be a tool that builds trust with clients, staff, and any other stakeholders.  

  1. Client Meeting Space

For companies that have to meet with clients face to face, a well designed and easy to access office will always prove valuable.  Sometimes it can be appropriate to meet at a restaurant, coffee shop or even in someone’s home, but certainly not always. An office provides the opportunity to stack the deck for always important client interactions.  First and foremost it is important to be in an area that feels safe and is easily accessible. It can be ensured that they are greeted properly. The meeting space can be set up to eliminate distractions and provide the right amount of privacy. And if there is a presentation or other interactive elements, the tools can be readily available.

  1. Team Collaboration Space

Each year there are more people working remotely, both in large corporations and smaller companies.  However, technology has yet to replace the very tangible benefits of in-person collaboration. Sometimes a team needs a traditional office setup that they can go to on a daily basis providing the opportunity for ongoing collaboration. However, for companies that typically get by with more individual work, they may just need a central place to come to for regular meetings.

  1. Support

For many, today’s office is about people and exists to serves the purpose of a support structure.  When you think of the “Office of the President” you think of a system, not floor space. Can a client speak to your office when you are not available?  Can they drop off something at your office and be told: “I will be sure he or she gets this”?

  1. Productivity

Last but not least is productivity.  Some of us are blessed to be able to work productively anywhere.  Whether that be in a coffee shop, on an airplane, or at home with the TV blaring and the dog barking.  For the rest of us, the office can still be that choice place where we feel most in command of our work.  

"Office Renovations – New Day Office Design"
Several months ago we solicited client feedback regarding office renovations that would make our Day Offices (reservable rooms for 1 to 3 people) more productive.  We received a lot of great responses and have taken those opinions to heart.  We feel like we have taken a step in the right direction with one of the Day Offices in each location having undergone a “makeover.” 
Office Renovations -Standing Desks Standing desks have been added that can raise or lower with the push of a button.  The desktop includes a grommet with a power outlet thus removing the need to get on the floor and mess with power strips and tangled cords.  A swivel monitor is attached to the desk that can be used as a second screen for individual work or as a display for group settings.  Additionally, we have added a storage cabinet with plenty of space to stow a purse or laptop bag while meeting with a client.
If you have an opportunity to try out the new design, please share your thoughts with our staff. Your feedback is always appreciated. 
"2018 Annual OfficeKey Staff Meeting"

2018 Annual OfficeKey Staff MeetingWith five locations and 12 staff members, it is not very often that the OfficeKey team has the opportunity to gather in one place.  Therefore each January we convene for an annual meeting that allows us to get together in the same room and work on ways to continually improve our service offering. 

This January our team met at Union Hall on a snowy Saturday morning.  Located in OTR, Union Hall is the startup hub for Cincinnati entrepreneurs and is the home to Cintrifuse, The Brandery, and CincyTech.  We were fortunate enough to get a tour of the facility from Cintrifuse’s Operations Manager Laura Hughes, and her assistant tour guide/dog George.  The in-depth look at their organization offered great inspiration to our staff in ways that we can rethink our own offices. 

A large portion of our day was focused on the development of the Four Quadrants of Workspace that we featured in the October 2017 version of OfficeKey Monthly. Specifically, we focused on private workspaces, maker spaces, coworking, hospitality and after-hours access.  Several of the ideas discussed will hopefully be put in to practice in 2018.

The day was not all business as we enjoyed a fantastic lunch from nearby Panino.  We also got to surprise our very own Jason Campbell with a baby shower. Overall it was a successful meeting and it put us on track toward accomplishing our primary goal which is adding value to the OfficeKey service and those in our community. 


Get Gigs and Workers at Gigsmart.comIn last month’s newsletter, we featured a spotlight on The Catino Family Foundation. Ted and Becky Catino are Cincinnati natives who retired after 25 years of starting and growing a successful business. Ted and Becky have come out of retirement to start a mobile technology company called GigSmart. The Catinos founded GigSmart to meet two core community objectives:

1) GigSmart seeks to create a seamless, efficient, friendly employer/independent contractor marketplace that optimally matches employers seeking on-demand labor and individuals willing to provide it.

GigSmart is the mobile platform that gives businesses direct access to workers on demand. Businesses search by skill, check worker ratings, and staff the good ones, all using the app. GigSmart has made the process simple and efficient. When urgent, unexpected labor needs arise, GigSmart gives businesses immediate access to the workers they need.

The platform reduces the time businesses spend looking for qualified workers and even lets them mark their favorite on-demand workers for future contact.

From the moment a worker accepts a gig until the minute they complete it—GigSmart lets businesses track their location and pay them directly through the app. And at a 10% fee, businesses can do it all at the lowest fee in the industry for sourcing labor.

2) GigSmart seeks to develop an efficient system for charitable organizations to manage their volunteer needs while providing interested volunteers the ability to make themselves available.

It is the NO cost solution to managing a charity’s volunteer workforce. GigSmart gives charities the opportunity to manage their existing volunteer base, as well as giving charities instant access to a new pool of volunteers.

GigSmart gives charities instant access to a pool of workers who are available to accept immediate volunteer requests. Whether a charity is one person or ten people short for an event, the app allows them to search for volunteers within seconds so they can be working within minutes. GigSmart gives charities instant access to students who need to earn service hours, retirees looking for ways to give back to the community, and families who want to volunteer with their kids.

This app is the way for businesses to source independent workers, charities to find available volunteers, individuals to select workers for jobs and services, and for workers to make extra money, gain experience, and volunteer.

It is the most efficient way to find and manage people when urgent and unexpected labor needs arise.

More information about GigSmart can be found at gigsmart.com and by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @gigsmartapp and Linkedin at @gigsmartllc

Download soon on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

"The Catino Family Foundation"

Support Cincinnati Non-ProfitBecky and Ted Catino are longtime Cincinnati residents and OfficeKey tenants. Since October 2011, the Catinos have managed 625 Investments, LLC and The Catino Family Foundation from the Blue Ash and Downtown Cincinnati office locations.

Ted and Becky grew up in Cincinnati. Both graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After college, the Catinos married and started a business together. They grew that business successfully in Mason, OH for 25 years and retired after selling the company to a group of private investors.

Ted and Becky have not only been successful in business but over the years, both have been very active in the philanthropic Cincinnati community. Becky has been serving on St. Vincent de Paul’s Advisory Board for 9 years.

In retirement, the Catinos founded The Catino Family Foundation. This foundation funds many charitable causes. One of the largest focus areas for the foundation is education, funding many high school scholarships over the last 10 years.

Professionally and philanthropically, the Catinos have called Cincinnati home for 40 years. Time and time again, they have continued to invest in Cincinnati at every turn.

Just recently, both Ted and Becky decided to exit retirement and start a mobile technology company called GigSmart. GigSmart’s current headquarters are in OfficeKey’s downtown Cincinnati location.

“It took a very special company to bring both Becky and I out of retirement,” said Ted Catino. “We are so enthusiastic about this new endeavor and we really believe it is going to have a very positive impact on the Cincinnati area when we launch the product in January 2018.”

GigSmart has two core missions:

GigSmart seeks to create a seamless, efficient, friendly employer/independent contractor marketplace that optimally matches employers seeking on-demand labor and individuals willing to provide it.

GigSmart seeks to develop an efficient system for charitable organizations to manage their volunteer needs while providing interested volunteers the ability to make themselves available.

“Ted and I both know firsthand the struggles businesses and charities have when it comes to fulfilling same day labor needs,” said Becky Catino, “We have also seen a real disconnect, specifically in our philanthropic efforts, in the process between those looking for work and those needing labor. Our platform empowers both the worker and the business/charity to connect instantly through our mobile platform. It’s instant and it’s a win/win.”

More information about GigSmart can be found at gigsmart.com

"Google Your Business"

Google local listingsAt our October Key Connections lunch, Joe Danzer, local Google Representative, shared some knowledge about how Google local listings work and how to make them work better for your business.

  1. Claim your local listing. If you haven’t claimed your Google listing you can start the process here. Claiming your business allows you to edit the information and puts you ahead of unclaimed listings in your industry (your competitors).
  2. Add pertinent information to your listing. The more details you add, the easier it is for potential customers to contact you. Many people use the Google listing to make their first contact.
  3. Use your OfficeKey Address. Joe mentioned that our shared address is no problem! He said that Google is aware of shared office situations and will allow more than one business at one address, so please use your OfficeKey address for your local listing.
  4. Add 10 photos to your listing. If you have 10 photos, Google can tell that you are actively in business and puts your listing above other listings that are not as visually appealing.
  5. Get 10 legitimate reviews for your business. Having reviews helps potential clients see that you are a reputable option for their needs. Getting 10 valid reviews will put your listing higher than other listings. The best way to get reviews is to ask your very happy customers to submit them. Once you claim your listing,  you can send your customers the link to your listing to help them find it easier!

If you have any questions about how to claim and update your local listing, send an email to [email protected]. We’re glad to help!

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