Here is a list of locations that all OfficeKey members have access to:


Westlake Center
4555 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 650
Cincinnati, OH 45242


Scripps Center
312 Walnut Street, Suite 1600
Cincinnati, OH 45202


Rookwood Tower
3805 Edwards Road, Suite 550
Cincinnati, OH 45209


Turfway Ridge Office Park
7310 Turfway Road, Suite 550
Florence, KY 41042


Union Centre
9078 Union Centre Blvd,
Suite 350
West Chester, OH 45069


"OfficeKey Partnerships & Affiliations"

There are many professional associations and chambers in Cincinnati that are a key part of our local business community.  OfficeKey has long valued our partnerships with many of these organizations.  We clearly see the value in investing in these groups that support many of the industries that our clients are part of and our region at large.  They also provide a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with others  within the industry that we don’t know yet.  We recently added a list of partner affiliations to our website.  Please check it out by following this link.  If you are familiar with any groups that are potentially a fit but are not represented, please let us know.

"The Catino Family Foundation"

Support Cincinnati Non-ProfitBecky and Ted Catino are longtime Cincinnati residents and OfficeKey tenants. Since October 2011, the Catinos have managed 625 Investments, LLC and The Catino Family Foundation from the Blue Ash and Downtown Cincinnati office locations.

Ted and Becky grew up in Cincinnati. Both graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After college, the Catinos married and started a business together. They grew that business successfully in Mason, OH for 25 years and retired after selling the company to a group of private investors.

Ted and Becky have not only been successful in business but over the years, both have been very active in the philanthropic Cincinnati community. Becky has been serving on St. Vincent de Paul’s Advisory Board for 9 years.

In retirement, the Catinos founded The Catino Family Foundation. This foundation funds many charitable causes. One of the largest focus areas for the foundation is education, funding many high school scholarships over the last 10 years.

Professionally and philanthropically, the Catinos have called Cincinnati home for 40 years. Time and time again, they have continued to invest in Cincinnati at every turn.

Just recently, both Ted and Becky decided to exit retirement and start a mobile technology company called GigSmart. GigSmart’s current headquarters are in OfficeKey’s downtown Cincinnati location.

“It took a very special company to bring both Becky and I out of retirement,” said Ted Catino. “We are so enthusiastic about this new endeavor and we really believe it is going to have a very positive impact on the Cincinnati area when we launch the product in January 2018.”

GigSmart has two core missions:

GigSmart seeks to create a seamless, efficient, friendly employer/independent contractor marketplace that optimally matches employers seeking on-demand labor and individuals willing to provide it.

GigSmart seeks to develop an efficient system for charitable organizations to manage their volunteer needs while providing interested volunteers the ability to make themselves available.

“Ted and I both know firsthand the struggles businesses and charities have when it comes to fulfilling same day labor needs,” said Becky Catino, “We have also seen a real disconnect, specifically in our philanthropic efforts, in the process between those looking for work and those needing labor. Our platform empowers both the worker and the business/charity to connect instantly through our mobile platform. It’s instant and it’s a win/win.”

More information about GigSmart can be found at gigsmart.com

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