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Self Help Topics

"Ed Fanning, Union Springs Natural Health Products"

Ed Fanning, Union Springs, LLCWhat Ed Fanning enjoys most is watching his daughters play sports. Anything from swimming to cross country, he will be there to watch them compete. But when he’s not busy being the best cheering section, Fanning is the managing director of Union Springs, LLC.

Before Ed began managing his business, he graduated with his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the first year they were named the #1 business school. So it’s safe to assume that Ed is well versed in quality business practices.

His company, Union Springs, LLC, works to bring biologically optimized, natural products into mainstream medicine. They develop and market highly sophisticated nutritional supplements for pharmacies to use as “companion care” products to prescription drugs. Underneath the medical terminology and complicated practices, what Fanning enjoys about his business is being able to help people through the natural health products Union Springs develops. While the jargon may sound clinical, Union Springs products are truly a vehicle to better people’s lives by working to remove side effects from their prescriptions drugs.  But what helps Fanning do this is the services provided by OfficeKey.

Ed is grateful that his business is able to have a wide range of motion, meaning they can scale up and down with particular needs when their particular needs are always changing. Reduction in staff is also helpful. Fanning doesn’t need to hire a receptionist because OfficeKey can provide that service. Fanning says he used to work out of a huge office space with 2 conference rooms, and what it boiled down to was that they were paying rent for space that was barely used. What Ed enjoys about working with OfficeKey, is the “take only what you need” mentality they provide, allowing him to focus on what’s important about his business. And without the added stress of wondering how to allocate funds, he is able to go back to what he enjoys most, rooting for his daughters in whatever they might be doing.

Visit Union Springs online for more details about their natural health products and vision.

–Written by Makenzie Walters

"How to BE a Great Networker"

Five Tips for Networking Success

tips-for-networking-300x300One piece of advice that you’ll often get as a small business owner or leader is to network. And, that is a great piece of advice if you follow it. But, to make it work, you actually have to “be” a networker.

What does that mean? Often, people will join a networking group or event and show up once and expect the magic to just happen – that contacts and business will just come flooding in. That won’t work. To “be” a star networker, = follow these steps:

Be in Attendance

They say, “80% of success is just showing up.” This is very true in networking. We all have busy schedules but to be a successful networker, you have to make the time to regularly attend your networking groups and events. Strive for perfect attendance. If you have a conflict you just can’t avoid, send a coworker in your place.

Be Active

Once you make the time and commitment to attend networking events, the next step you need to take is to become an engaged participant. If you just stand in the corner or sit enjoying the snacks and drinks, you’ll never make the connections that will help you grow your business. A wallflower rarely gets asked to dance. Make an effort to meet and talk with a new person at each event.

Be Likeable

At the risk of sounding obvious, make every effort to be likeable. Friendliness goes a long way in networking. Make yourself approachable and be the kind of person to which others enjoy talking. Try to find common interests and topics to discuss. Don’t make every conversation revolve around your business, but rather show interest in what the other has to say and ask questions about their line of work, family, hobbies and more.

Be Helpful

Everyone knows that the reason people join networking groups is to expand their connections and ultimately grow business. However, you should approach networking with the Golden Rule as your guide. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Do whatever you can to help someone else out, whether through an introduction, sharing a helpful tip or tool or referring a customer. When you help others, that goodwill tends to come back round to you tenfold.

Be Intentional

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. You need to go into your networking meetings and events with your end goals in mind. What is it you would ultimately like to accomplish, learn and/or contribute? Are you just interested in gaining customers? Would you like to meet like-minded people? Are you looking for an opportunity to gain leadership experience? Networking groups can provide all of that and more, but you need to set your intentions and follow through to make them happen.

Follow these tips and you can become an outstanding networker!

About Dimalanta Design Group

DDG functions as your off-site, adjunct marketing department. We partner with you to provide up-to-the-minute, multi-channel solutions in this fast-paced, media-hungry world. As a branding and marketing firm trusted by over 200 clients in a variety of industries, we’re well-versed at connecting customers with unique messages that prompt action in a world crowded with competing voices.

Whether we’re consulting on the effectiveness and consistency of your brand or designing a new logo, sales brochure, public relations campaign or website, we’re one marketing firm that makes certain that your message is never lost in the crowd.


"One Way to Reduce Stress: Curb Smartphone Use"

3 Tips: How to Reduce Stress caused by Smartphones

Our Key Connections Speaker for July was Dr. Frank Wood. Dr. Frank’s specialty is thriving with stress. Everyone has stress, right? In his presentation, Dr. Frank brought up some interesting statistics about smartphone use:

Reduce the Stress of Smartphone AddictionOf all smartphone users…

58% check their phone every hour 

54% check their phone in the middle of the night 

39% check their phone in the restroom

30% check their phone while dining with others

Dr. Frank gave some useful tips for creating healthy mobile phone boundaries that will reduce stress and have a positive impact on our daily routines and our relationships:

1. Use a 2-part Map to help understand what is causing stress. A two-part map is a tool that encourages understanding stress differently. It is possible to disconnect from stress and deal with it in a healthy way:

The first step is to write down on a clean sheet of paper what is causing stress.

Then write down the immediate thoughts associated with that stress.

The next step is to turn over the sheet of paper write down the same topic and take a couple minutes to become more conscious of our surroundings, gravity, space, sounds, the floor, the scent, the air.

Then write down thoughts on the same topic.

This 2-part mapping exercise encourages relaxation and allows for an unfiltered view of what is causing stress.

2.  Tap into our senses to become more focused and make better decisions. When we make decisions based on stress, the result is often regret, but when we take a moment to tap into our senses before making decisions, our decision making is clearer. Do we pick up the phone because it is ringing or because we really need to pick up the phone?

3.  Understand the “almost moment” to be one step ahead of our habits. Sometimes we make decisions based on habits. The “almost moment” is the very moment when stress sets in. At this moment,  thoughts, emotions and body tension cause pressured or reactive behavior; being conscious of this helps reduce stress by setting better boundaries. Becoming in tune with the “almost moment” encourages good decision making.

Dr. Frank Wood, Thriving with StressDr. Frank’s presentation was very helpful for understanding thoughts, emotions, body tension and how to reduce stress associated with smartphone use and decision-making. Smartphones are a part of our lives, for sure, but we can make good decisions about when we need to look at and answer them.  To learn more about Dr.Frank and his methods for reducing stress, check out his website.

"5 Ways to Achieve Work Life Balance"

work-life-balanceDr. Seigler, DC and his team have been at OfficeKey in West Chester since 2011. Their mission, at The Living Proof Institute, is to address the root cause of health issues and restore their clients’ health and vitality. Through partnering and education they provide to their clients the tools and direction to live extraordinary lives.

We asked Dr. Seigler about work life balance and he was eager to share his knowledge on the topic. In his blog he addresses what individuals as well as employers can do to reduce stress and bring more balance to the daily grind.

To read the blog visit his website. We also invite you to share your thoughts on work life balance. What have you done to bring more balance into your life?



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