Here is a list of locations that all OfficeKey members have access to:


Westlake Center
4555 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 650
Cincinnati, OH 45242


Scripps Center
312 Walnut Street, Suite 1600
Cincinnati, OH 45202


Rookwood Tower
3805 Edwards Road, Suite 550
Cincinnati, OH 45209


Turfway Ridge Office Park
7310 Turfway Road, Suite 550
Florence, KY 41042


Union Centre
9078 Union Centre Blvd,
Suite 350
West Chester, OH 45069

Month: March 2018

"OfficeKey Partnerships & Affiliations"

There are many professional associations and chambers in Cincinnati that are a key part of our local business community.  OfficeKey has long valued our partnerships with many of these organizations.  We clearly see the value in investing in these groups that support many of the industries that our clients are part of and our region at large.  They also provide a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with others  within the industry that we don’t know yet.  We recently added a list of partner affiliations to our website.  Please check it out by following this link.  If you are familiar with any groups that are potentially a fit but are not represented, please let us know.

"Cristofoli-Keeling, Inc."

Cristofoli-Keeling, IncAfter a spending a good part of her career in advertising and design, former design client services manager Ann Keeling created Cristofoli-Keeling, Inc., a marketing communications firm.  For nearly 20 years, Ann and her team have been focused on building business through marketing communications for large and small B2B, B2C and non-profit clients based in Cincinnati, around the U.S. and in Europe.  Clients include 84.51°, dunnhumbyUSA, LaRosa’s, Comey & Shepherd Realtors, among others.

Nearly 100% of the woman-owned firm’s business is referral-based – which speaks volumes.  Cristofoli-Keeling’s client relationships are long-term, too – with a length of over eight years.  Cristofoli-Keeling is a lean, flexible team of marketing specialists, allowing them to assemble the team that’s just right for a particular project or brand. Clients have access to decades of collective experience in marketing communications.  The firm focuses on owned media (digital assets such as web sites, social media, content and brand identity development and collateral materials, etc.), earned media (word of mouth marketing and public relations) and paid media (advertising and sponsorships).

Cristofoli-Keeling, Inc. has been recognized with over a dozen PRSA Blacksmith Awards for excellence in earned & owned media for B2B, B2C and non-profit clients.

Cristofoli-Keeling CincinnatiFounder Ann Keeling is extremely involved in the local community with active roles in the United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s Tocqueville Society, as a board member of Cancer Family Care and Pets in Need and a key member of the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Individual Giving Committee.

Feel free to contact Ann Keeling at 513-381-3248 or ann@cristofolikeeling.com if you’d like to talk about partnering with Cristofoli-Keeling, Inc.


For more on what Cristofoli-Keeling is up to, visit:






"Meet Dennis Devlin of Consumer Clarity"

Q: Tell us about Consumer Clarity.

A: Consumer Clarity is a consumer insight and marketing/branding strategy consultancy. While we do have a specialty in millennial and Gen Z consumers, we conduct research, marketing, and branding work for both B2C and B2B companies.

Q: Who is your ideal client?

A: Consumer Clarity works primarily with consumer product manufacturers (including consumer packaged goods firms) and consumer service providers. Additionally, we have strategic partnerships with many different types of marketing, communications/PR, branding and insights agencies.

Q: As a recent president of the local American Marketing Association chapter, how has that involvement with the AMA benefited you and your business?

A: In one word, exposure. My involvement in leading the Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association in 2013-2014 elevated my stature in the Cincinnati marketing community and it continues to this day as I currently serve as the Chair of the CMO Roundtable, a partnership between the AMA Cincinnati chapter and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

Q: What do you like most about your partnership with OfficeKey?

Consumer Clarity

A: That’s an easy one – the people. The decision to become a client of OfficeKey when I began my business about 8.5 years ago was one of the best decisions I made for the business. The quality of the people stands out most for me as what I like most about the partnership with OfficeKey. 

Q: How do you spend time outside of work?

A: Over the past few years I have become an urban dweller and have centered much of my attention on my adopted hometown of Covington. So, much of my time outside of work – and outside the AMA volunteering – is spent with family and friends scoping out places in Covington, which has been experiencing a renaissance. I like to say that Covington is a city of character, full of characters.

Q: If you could have dinner with one historical figure (living or dead) who would it be and why?

A: We might question whether he is truly a “historical: figure, but my response for a dinner companion would be Tony Robbins – he has had a significant impact on how I view my life and my business. I have seen him in action, so I am certain it would be an enlightening dinner. 

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 

A: My desired superpower? Mindreading. I could find probably a thousand ways being able to read minds would help me in my business.

Q: What is your favorite movie or tv show?

A: My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption. I am not much of a fan of prison movies, but this movie has two great messages, illustrated by the following quotes: 

“Remember, . .  . hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

“I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: My favorite book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey – a classic. I appreciate the wisdom in learning how to become effective in our lives.

Q: What is your favorite singer or band? 

A: My favorite band is U2 – I was able to see them live for the first time in 2017 in Louisville, and I am heading to Nashville in May to see them live again.

Visit Consumer Clarity’s Website to learn more.

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