Here is a list of locations that all OfficeKey members have access to:


Westlake Center
4555 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 650
Cincinnati, OH 45242


Scripps Center
312 Walnut Street, Suite 1600
Cincinnati, OH 45202


Rookwood Tower
3805 Edwards Road, Suite 550
Cincinnati, OH 45209


Turfway Ridge Office Park
7310 Turfway Road, Suite 550
Florence, KY 41042


Union Centre
9078 Union Centre Blvd,
Suite 350
West Chester, OH 45069

Month: May 2016

"OfficeKey Room Reservation App"

Reserve a Meeting RoomHave you downloaded the OfficeKey app? You can reserve any room from the app on Android or Apple phones. The app will guide you through the process of choosing the best room for your meeting including location, size and amenities needed for the meeting including monitors, white boards, video conferencing. You’ll see which rooms are available when, so no rooms will be double-booked. So get the app and impress your guests with the perfect meeting room for every meeting! (Just search “open meeting room” on Google Play or the App Store.)

"Client Q & A: HRC Consulting – Human Resources"

Human Resource Consulting in Cincinnati

Q: Tell us about HRC Consulting Services.

A: HRC is a consulting services company, offering human resources and talent development services.  We help organizations achieve a workplace of high commitment and extraordinary performance.  

We are most known for our work in compensation. Our consultants develop compensation systems for many companies each year.  These systems give owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing that pay decisions are based on accurate information about the marketplace and performance, and that their decisions are fair and defensible.  We also conduct pay surveys and provide technical compensation assistance to companies throughout the US.  In recent years, this work has expanded to South American, Europe and Asia.

HRC is also known for helping organizations to develop highly effective supervisors, managers and executives through our training programs and our coaching.   Our “Leading for High Performance” classes have trained literally hundreds of leaders each year.  Our coaching clients become more effective and strategic.  They get recognized for their contributions and become re-energized in their careers – a “win-win” for both the company and the individual being coached.

HRC also assists start-up and growing companies to develop their human resource practices.  We facilitate employee handbooks and policies that support the company’s desired culture and keep them in compliance with the many regulations.

Q: How did you get into this business?

A: Lee Krapp, our founder, established HRC thirty-one years ago.  He walked in to Dave Myers’ office and handed him a check for the first year’s rent.  He knew then that consulting was his destiny and that OfficeKey (then called “HQ”) was where he wanted to call his office “home.”  He loved Dave’s vision of providing the services that were essential to a small business such as HRC, and knew that outsourcing it to Dave was a great decision.  We often talk about the fact that we were OfficeKey’s second client ever!

Q: What type of clients do you work with?

A: We work for organizations of all sizes, from global companies such as Procter & Gamble and Berkshire Hathaway, to small human services such as the Freestore/Foodbank and many of the local non-profits.  We work in close partnership with each client.  We cherish each relationship and believe our clients do the same.

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

A: All of our consultants are Human Resources or Training practitioners.  We all love our work and being of service.  We differ from most consultants in that we are pragmatic…we know what works and how to effectively implement.  We don’t spend time and effort on theory and untested processes.  Our clients like our practical approach and the results they experience in partnership with us.


Q: What do you enjoy most about working with OfficeKey?

A: Our HRC consultants, over the 30+ years we have been working with OfficeKey, enjoy the flexibility of serving our clients in the various OfficeKey locations.  We often meet with our Dayton clients in West Chester, our downtown clients at 312 Walnut, and our Northern Kentucky clients there.  We switch our HRC consultant meetings around, and usually use the Hyde Park location or Blue Ash location.  

When we tell people that we have had the same administrative support for all the time HRC has been in existence, they look at us in disbelief!  But it is true…Fran has processed our monthly billings since we began business, and Jackie has worked closely with us on some of our other work almost that long.  We appreciate the continuity that kind of longevity of service provides.  

We expect the relationship of OfficeKey and our “small but mighty” consulting firm to continue to be a part of our success into the future.  

Q: How do you spend your time outside of work?

A: All of us at HRC are family-oriented folks…we all seem to spend a lot of our time with our children and grandchildren.  

We also work as volunteers for the community.  Most recently, HRC sponsored our Thirty-Year Anniversary HR & Talent Develop Awards.  Three non-profit organizations –  Tender Mercies, Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, and Easter Seals – were chosen from the many applicants.   Our consultants provided these three wonderful organizations with HRC gifts of service in management training or a complete review of their employee handbook.  This pro bono project was one of the highlights of our work together in recent years.  

Submitted by:  Diane Sticklen-Jordan, Principal

You can learn more about HRC Consulting Services by visiting their website.




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